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What should I look for in a used laptop?

Hey Scotty, Can you suggest a model and year for a refurbished macbook. Don’t need a lot of bells and whistles. Just basic except to establish a music library.

The processor and storage are what you should look for in purchasing an older computer.

1st. Will it have enough space to store all the data you’d be transferring over from the old computer. For instance, you wouldn’t want to go from a 500 gig drive down to a 250 gig drive. So look for hard drive space.

2nd. The age of the computer can limit things. Stay completely away from any “Coe Duo” processor. These are typically 2013 and earlier machines. They are obsolete at this point. I’d try to find something in the 2015 and above range. That will be an Intel Core i5 or I7. Stay away from i3 processors at this point as well.

Apple will be transitioning away from Intel processors in the next year but for now all Mac still use them so buying an intel Mac is still a safe investment. Also, Apple has a history of cutting off upgradability of older computers in terms of operating systems. For example, the latest OS “Catalina” will not install on a 2013 or earlier machine. I suspect that the next OS “Big Sur” due out in October will have a similar cut off date of around 2015. So with those criteria in mind, hard drive space, 2015 or higher, Core i5 or better, you’re ok.

Lastly, fyi: Apple has canceled the “MacBook” line. They currently sell two models: MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. So any "MacBook" you see would mean it’s around 2 years old or older.

Currently, due to covid, I am working remotely online via zoom and doing pickup/dropoffs for data transfers such as this. I am not entering homes at the moment.

Please let me know any other questions you may have.
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