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New machine or not?

as you know, I still have this mid 2012 15" retina my 751GB SSD is getting full
I am still running Lion 
1. should I have you upgrade this machine to a 1TB HD  $588 plus labor
2. should I just go buy a new machine with the 1TB HD and have a brand new system with Yosemite  ( will run me $2999, my current machine is worth around $1900 on ebay)  so I will be at $1000 difference
3. should I just hang in there and wait for the next new Macbook pro?  I have not heard any news on when the new one will be here

thank you!!

First you’ll want to consider whether you can run any proprietary software on the latest version of the OS as any new computer you purchase will not run Lion. Second, check the product cycle forecast over at They do a pretty good job of laying out when to expect a new device within its product line. Third, you may also want to consider moving some non crucial data over to an external drive. If you really feel you need to carry around 800+ gigs of data then buying a 1 TB drive will only delay the issue. Your better option may be to offsite some data such as music/pictures onto a portable drive (which must also be included in your backup strategy) and continue to live with the drive you have. You invested a lot of money into a 750 SSD. You might want to consider continuing its use to extend the return on that investment. In the end, the choice is yours.
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