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Parallels not seeing printer correctly.

I came across something that you should be aware of.

I suddenly couldn’t print from Windows—most specifically from Quicken. I looked at the Printers and Scanners window and the was a printer marked as the default printer which was labelled as a Brother printer but when properties was checked it was listed as an Epson color laser printer. You can not uncheck the default laser label. If you delete the device it will go away only until you boot up and the notice comes that a device is installing, and sure enough it is that printer. I had the IT guy from the office look at it. He did some googling and sure enough this is a very common complaint. I don’t know exactly how he did it, but he finally got rid of it—it wasn’t easy. Then he could make my printer the default, and I was back in business.

Thought you would like to know, because I was going crazy trying to figure out what I had plugged into that was causing this problem. As it turns out, the problem is baked into the software.

Thanks for sharing that. I wonder if the issue was related to Parallels relationship to the Mac side of things. I believe Parallels relies on the Mac to get access to the printer in most cases. Therefore the printer would have to be removed on the mac side first, parallels settings adjusted, re added on the mac side, then re shared from within parallels. All with restarts occurring in both the Mac and Parallels throughout the process. That would be my guess.
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