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Why aren't my calendars syncing?

Using Aperature on a laptop and desktop.
1) Have been trying unsuccessfully to sync library between two via Dropbox so I could use with device and be up to date....maybe don't need to anymore with iCloud? Maybe should consider moving back to iPhoto?
I'm sorry I don't have any availability on 10/16.  Dropbox may not really work well for syncing two iPhoto libraries.  I can be done but there are other factors involved like plist files that would not be synced but the larger issue is that dropbox is only 2 gigs and your iPhoto library is very likely to be much larger than that.  iCloud will not be any better either.  Syncing iPhoto libraries is a major weakness on the Mac.  There are programs on the market that claim to do the job and I've paid for and tried several but I can not recommend any of them at this point.  They are just too risky to use.  I've deleted my libraries accidentally more than once in trials.  The same rules apply to Aperture.  Nothing beats an old fashion external drive (being backed up of course) that you move between two computers.  
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