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Can I remove information about me from the internet?

Hi Scotty! How difficult is it to remove my name from a company in Charleston that used to carry my art. They always pop up first Then clients contact them and I'm sure they try to sell anything but giving my new gallery contacts. If you can come help me w this that would be great. And they pinned my art all over Pinterest. Ugh.

Unfortunately, once information is on the internet, it will be there for a while. Even if you ask the company to remove it, it will still show up in searches residually over a period of time until it eventually falls from search results. All you can do is ask the company to remove all mentions of your name.

Try doing a google search for words like "traitor" and you will see people who would rather not come up under those terms as well. I give this example to say that there is no good way to control what is on the internet about you. None. If enough people were blog that I was a terrible person, then that information would eventually show up in searches. Google and other search engines scan the internet on almost a daily basis so it takes a good bit of time before information completely falls from searches.

As a side note, when I search for your name, your actual site shows up first followed by articles about your work. So it could be your browser history that is playing some effect in this. I do not see the business you mentioned in the search results.
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