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Upcoming HTTPS requirements

Very soon the internet is going to turn off the lights on any sites that are not secure by having acquired a certificate from their host. Currently, when you visit a site that is only http, you will see a message in the URL bar at the top of your browser saying something like "Not Secure".


If they where https sites then they will display a lock or https:

This means that your connection between your browser and the host is encrypted. So even if you are on an open wifi network, your data within that site is scrambled and secure.

So here's the problem, in the coming months all browsers like Safari, Chrome, Firefox etc.. are going to stop displaying http non secure sites. This means all web creators are going to be scrambling to make sure they have secured their sites. Otherwise, their sites will no longer be reachable by normal means. If you have your own website then you'll want to look at purchasing a secure certificate from your hosting service to make sure your site stays online after the updates later in 2020.
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