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Blue texts vs. Green texts

I got the new iPhone, and have had no problems converting except one. For some reason it will not sync my music. I changed the settings to allow for it, but it gets to about 25 songs copied (out of 1500), and stops with a message “cancelling sync”. I've tried a bunch of times, but no dice. Any suggestions?

This could be a weird problem but the first thing I would try is do a random check through your music library to see if there are any songs in your music library inside iTunes that were purchased under a different AppleID. To do this, go to the song, select command I and look next to “account name”. As below:
Screen Shot 2011-10-18 at 12.32.37 AM
If you find music purchased under other accounts, next in iTunes go to “store” in the menu bar and select to authorize that computer. Now try to re-sync iPhone. This may not fix it but we’ll be on the right track.
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