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No, you don't have a virus, but...

Lots of people report suspected "viruses" lately. While we don't have to worry much about that, we do need to be careful not to fall for the terrible ads that have been appearing lately. These ads use javascript to hijack your browser. So here are a few tips to get yourself out of the tar pit you find yourself in from time to time on the internet these days.

1. Don't fall for the warnings that you don't have a firewall, or that your security is in jeopardy, or that your social security number has been compromised. These ads are designed to scare you.
2. Don't call the number on the screen. Don't give them any credit card, routing number, checking information. This has actually happened with several of my clients.
3. Force quit your browser using the key command "option+command+esc".
4. Restart your browser holding down the shift key.
5. Go to preferences in your browser and turn off extensions. Often these extensions will have an uninstall button.
6. Check to make sure your homepage is what you'd like it to be, not some terrible search page.
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