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Someone hacked my account. Please help.

Help! I traveled to Las Vegas and joined an open wifi network. Now my AppleID security questions have been changed and I can't get in. Can you change it back for me?

I don’t any additional way to get access to an AppleID other than the same the public. Apple is very protective of people’s security and privacy so they usually make it difficult to gain access to someone’s AppleID if the party doesn’t know security questions, no longer has access to email address initially setup.

Have you contacted them through phone support? I do have this happen to clients who travel outside the US, someone hacks their account because they joined an open wifi network, then the intruder changes the answers to the security questions, password, recovery email address etc…

The only way to regain control of that AppleID is to contact Apple via Phone support and convince them that you are the actual owner. This sometimes takes around 40 minutes or so due to the fact that Apple has to take the position that the person calling in could be trying to hack the account themselves. Think ex wife, ex boyfriend, mad employee etc… There are lots of people who try exactly that.
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