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Do you sell computers?

Hi, Scotty,

I had to delete and re-add my gmail account in

My newer mail is showing up and the counter at the bottom says 21,136 out of 105,616.  Graphs are still moving along.

I clean out my Trash etc. everyday, so all of this must be stored in iCloud or on actual G-mail which I don’t ever go into.  Perhaps I need to delete more directly from the G-mail website?  Not sure.

105,000 is an enormous amount of email but not unheard of. Let it continue to sync. I equate adding a mature email account to a computer to dropping a large stone into a small pond. It takes a while for the rippling waves to come to rest but eventually the pond returns to glass. Your email client and email server are much the same way. It will take a while for them to sync but it will happen eventually. (barring you having any enormous attachments in emails) Large attachments can be a pain to deal with in email.

I suggest whenever dealing with deleting large amounts of email within gmail, go to using chrome to do it. Part of your intentions are lost in translation between and google’s mail servers. They’ve never played perfectly together and must be monitored for good behavior. It’s part of the price we pay for living in two ecosystems. One foot in Google. One foot in Apple. If you were using an Android device, Gmail would behave much better. Just as iCloud behaves better on an iPhone. Try setting up iCloud mail on an Android device. Ugh.
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