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Why am I getting this email when I want to delete my account?

I have been getting emails about this Epic games account that my son had set up on my computer a long time ago and did not use.  Email said someone was changing the email address.  We decided to just delete the account but after requesting that yesterday, I received this today.  How can I tell if it’s legit?  Surely I should not provide any of this? Not sure I even can.  What can I do?


If YOU requested to delete the account and the next day, you received the request to provide a little more info, it makes sense that it would be legit. The reason Epic would be going to this length to get you (the account holder) to verify that you actually DO want to delete your account is that you may or may not have had purchases in the past tied to that account. Deleting ones’ account would prevent them from having access to purchased content in the future so they want to be very sure you actually want to abandon any games you may have bought digitally in the past.

Sort of like purchasing a movie from iTunes, being able to stream it on all your devices, deciding you want to delete your iTunes account, then losing access to the movie you bought. That would make some people angry.

By the looks of it, this seems legit. They’re just being very careful not to get sued by you when you lose access to any games you may have bought from them in the past.
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