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Extortion Scam example. Don't fall for this.

Below is a sample email many clients I work with are receiving. (Warning: offensive material) These are scam emails designed to scare you into interacting with the sender in order for them to extort you for money. The really evil thing about this new scam is that they will state your password in the email. In the example below I have removed that information to keep it private. But in almost every case, the user's password is a simple word in the dictionary, or a word followed by a few numbers. The bad guys can often brute force someone's account to discover the password to that account. They then use a template to send an email stating that password. It scares people to death. They will then follow up with several more vulgar emails demanding that you pay them. These are all garbage. DO NOT send these people money. DO NOT call them. DO NOT interact with them.

It is terrible that other humans are such evil people. They prey on the fears of others. Such is the way of the world I guess. If you ever feel you are being scammed, just forward any email to me and I'll be happy to take a look at it. You can also always take a screenshot of anything you see suspicious and send that to me and I'll check it out as well. Please don't fall for these scams. They are designed to scare you into submitting to them. It's very easy to guess a simple password. Modern software tools can crack a simple word password under the right circumstances in a matter of hours.

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