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I keep getting messaged from Mobile me that I need to upgrade my calendar.  BUt when I try to do it , it says I need to upgrade to snow leopard. 
DO I need to do this? If so Do I need appointment with you or is this something I can do without screwing up my mail and calendar (I am headed out of town MOnday am for a week of work and cant afford t loose anything)?

You will want to make sure all your devices are updated to 4.2 for iPad and iPhone and it is preferable to have 10.6.6 on your Mac. However, 10.6 is not absolutely necessary. You would just have to add the calendars back in manually. I would say for now, if it’s working ok for you and you are heading out of town, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. It can wait until return. 10.6 makes it easier but like I said, you can do it without it. Just more steps.
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