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Flash on the iPad?

Hi Scotty,

Hope all is well!  My second Time Capsule has died on me :((  I'm a bit reluctant to purchase yet a 3rd there anything else out there??  I don't use it as a router since I have at&t Uverse and I have to use theirs..I only use it as a backup for my computers and my 2 kids'.  I do like the convenience of not having to plug in the Time Capsule :))  Anything out there similar to it??

Thanks for your help!

I’m sorry to hear you’ve had more problems with your Time Capsule. First, there is a good chance you may be eligible for a free replacement from Apple. I would suggest taking it to the apple store and see if it qualifies for a replacement. It may despite being beyond a year old. If you decide not to go that route then you are limited to directly plugging up a hard drive to your computer. If it’s a desktop no problem. If it’s a laptop, then you’ll need to remember to plug it in periodically to backup via time machine. I currently favor the Seagate GoFlex drive although you should keep in mind that every hard drive dies.

Secondly, I do have several clients who’ve moved to ATT Uverse and are understanding that they can no longer use their Airport Extreme or time capsule as a router. This is incorrect. As a matter of fact, the ATT wireless router is inferior to the Apple routers. The ATT routers currently only support 802.11g whereas the Apple routers support 802.11n which means they are capable of moving data between computers or devices in the home at a faster rate. This does not mean the internet will speed up with the use of a different router but it does mean that signal could be stronger and data transfer between computer would definitely be faster. You just have to set it up along side the ATT router. I do it all the time.
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