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How to block someone from contacting you.

Hi, hope you are doing well. I'm having some difficulty with an old acquaintance and I'd like to block him from calling and from sending text as well as emails. I've googling it but it is very confusing. Is this something you could help me with? I'd pay for your time.

I understand the sensitivity of the situation. In order to do this as effectively as possible you’ll need to set up a few rules. First, on your iPhone you can choose to block the caller completely. It’s built in to the operating system and is relatively easy to do. From either the text messaging app or voicemail app you’ll notice beside the contact in question, the letter “i” in a small circle. Select that small “i” and on the next page you’ll see “Block this caller” at the bottom. By choosing to block that contact, you’ll no longer receive phone calls, messages or FaceTime from that number.

Now to email. You can set up a rule in your mail program that will automatically delete any emails coming from a specific email address.
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Now as you probably already know, some people just don’t get the hint and they’ll sometimes go to great lengths to stay connected. They’ll make new email addresses, they’ll block their own caller ID, they’ll spoof their number, on and on. So nothing’s full proof but hopefully this will help a little. Good luck.
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