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How do I remove Google search items?

Do you know how to have items removed from google searches? 

Depends on what you mean by google searches. If you are hoping to remove one item you have searched for then you can accomplish this a few different ways. You can clear your search history from within the browser you were using however if you were logged in to your google account while using that browser then Google also has a history of searches you've done and you would have to go into Google's settings to clear that. Once logged into your Google account you can go to Web and App Activity and manage your search history from there regardless of the device you used.

However, if you are asking a broader question like how to remove information from being found on the web through a search, then No. Once information is out on the web and Google has indexed it (which happens almost nightly) it is basically preserved forever and can be found for years to come using tools like even after it's been removed from its original source.

Note: just because you clear your history or remove one search word does not remove the fact that Google now knows you are interested in that word. They will use that information to target ads specifically toward you. Keep in mind that Google is 100% an advertising agency. Their revenue depends on ads. They make products like maps, youtube, search, google earth, all to sell ads around. The more they know about you the better targeted their ads will be. Facebook operates in the exact same way. So if you randomly search for tomato soup, expect Campbell's ads for the coming months.
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