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Scotty - great article -- thanks ...and thanks for the offer to answer
1) Two files in my Accounts / Login Items: Microsoft Database Daemon and
Blackberry Device Manager.  They OK??
2) I don't have a file named "Startup Items" (with or without spaces...) on
my laptop running 10.6.7  I DO have "startup" but that's all/.  It's part of
Microsoft Office 2008.  Should I be worried that there's NO StartupItems
folder?  (On my desktop running 10.5.8, I DO have that folder's

1. If you use Entourage as your mail program from Microsoft Office then keep it there. If you don’t you can delete the Microsoft Database Daemon. If you use a blackberry and like it on in the background then leave it. If you’ve moved passed the blackberry then delete it.

2. I would strongly guess that you may be missing the startup folder. Are you sure you’re looking in the computer’s library folder and not the user’s library folder? If it’s not there, then no big deal however.
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