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My mail won’t go out or come in. What’s going on?  This is new. When I close out of mail and reopen it seems to be on.  
Mail unexpectedly quits quite often as well!
Thank you

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This is a very popular problem and it’s one that can’t really be solved on the consumer’s side. This seems to be a problem with Apple’s own email servers and their failure to handle SSL requests at their end. Apple just published a new article on Feb 7th recommending a new course of action to work around the SSL problem. It can be found here.

It recommends moving to TLS instead of SSL. There are two pieces to consider. Incoming and outgoing server settings. iCloud can be quirky. All email can be actually. The directions in that knowledge base are worth trying.

Even though your case is most likely not caused by a service outage on apple’s part, nevertheless, it’s always a good idea to check
here to see if any of Apple’s services are down.

Another thought is to Set TLS certificate to None. Authentication set to Apple Token.

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