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Deskjet 3054 printer to Mac

I am out of town and trying to connect my computer (MacBook Pro) to an HP Deskjet 3054 printer. Is that possible? I have the printer on wireless and added the printer but it ask for location and I have no idea. Thanks.

The printer should work complete fine with the Mac. However printers, in general, are terrible and there are many things that can go wrong (and usually do).

1. Make sure the printer and the computer are on the same network. Sometimes your computer will jump to a different network and therefore won't be able to find the printer.
2. You can try reseting network settings on the printer. Usually available in the settings area of the printer itself.
3. That particular HP Deskjet has a very small LCD display and if I recall correctly, it's very difficult to navigate the menu system. It may be better to first connect the printer via usb, configure it for wireless, then disconnect it.
4. Often, printers can end up added twice which means you may be trying to print to the wrong instance. For example. You could add the printer via USB but also add it via wireless. The Mac is not yet smart enough to let you know it's the same printer so you may be sending the job to the USB added printer but it's not plugged up so it just waits. You can usually solve this by going into system preferences and removing the printer you want.
5. Last resort, right click in the left column of printer system preferences list to reset the printer preferences entirely then start from scratch adding back the printer.
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