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Does iCloud keep up with Google's services?

I downloaded the lion software on my MAC and entourage is gone. I can't get any emails now.

Most likely you may have been using office 2004 and when you installed lion all old apps based on PowerPC code from 5 years again ceased to function

I got email to work through a trial version of office 2011! Are you going to be able to locate all my old saved emails with entourage? The message just keeps saying lion doesn't support PowerPC stuff.

In Outlook you should try the import feature. I may work but if Entourage has to launch then it won’t of course.

Screen Shot 2011-10-18 at 6.42.09 PM

If those emails only exist on your computer and are not on a server then there’s still a chance we can recover everything. It would be a bit of a process but should be able to be done. I’d have to use a computer running a prior version of OS X 10.6 and Office 2008 then import from the 2004 entourage, then move the data base over to your Lion machine and go from there.

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