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Hey Scottie,
So OS X Lion was "unveiled" today, and it says on Apple's website that the only way to download the new operating system, which will be released in July, is to download it through the Mac App Store. Well, I am running OS X Leopard, and the Mac App Store is only available on OS X SNOW Leopard. Does that mean I have to upgrade to Snow Leopard, just to get the Mac App Store, so I can upgrade to Lion???

While there may be other options that Apple has not yet decided on, currently the only way will be to update through the Apple Store which means that you’ll need 10.6 to get to 10.7. More details may come out but apple has stated you will need the app store to do it and that’s only available after 10.6.6. There may be work arounds but I won’t know until later next month.
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