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Why won't my pictures show up on my computer?

Why are none of my pictures from my phone on my computer? All of 2019 will not go to my computer even if I plug it in to computer. It only imported last four pictures

You're using iCloud photo library so plugging in your phone to your computer will not accomplish a picture transfer. Pictures must first move to the cloud FROM the phone then TO the computer. To ensure that you have iCloud photo library turned on on all your devices, check the following settings:

On your computer(s):

system preferences/icloud/Photos make sure iCloud photos is turned on. You can also check this in the Photos app itself by opening Photos then going to preferences within the photos app.

On your phone:

settings/AppleID/icloud/photos make sure iCloud photos is turned on. I also like to keep "photo stream" on as well.

Leave Photos ON on your computer. It takes time to sync the pictures from the cloud to the Mac. If you would like to see the progress you can always visit, log into your iCloud account and select photos there. You'll see if your recently taken pictures have made it to the cloud yet. The most common thing that happens is that people don't leave Photos open on their computer for enough time for the pictures to sync.

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