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What should I add on to my iMac purchase?

Hi Scotty,

I just went online to order the Mac and I would just like to confirm a couple of options that came up when I selected the

27” 3.0GHz 6-core
Priceless or with Turbo
boost up to 4.1GHz
1TB Storage
Retina 5K Display

1. Memory is standard....correct? (8GB)

Yes, I don’t suggest people add additional memory unless you were a professional video/photographer/music production.

2. Storage is standard....correct? (IT)

Yes, 1TB equals 1000 gigs. In your case, that’s enough.

3. Do I want the Magic Mouse2 (standard), Magic Trackpad 2 or Magic Mouse 2 + Magic Trackpad?

4. It looks like I can choose which Key pad Magic with or without Numeric Keypad?

More of a personal preference. I would go trackpad. There are more features with the trackpad in terms of 2 finger, 3, and 4 finger gestures. Just takes getting used to. It’s basically a trackpad just like a laptop trackpad.

5. Do I want Pre-installed Software?
Final Cut Pro X?
Logic Pro X?

No do not add these items on. These are professional video and music editing software. You have no need for these. Kids will use Garage Band, iMovie and there are other free tools if they feel like graduating out of those entry level tools.

I don’t know what those are... the kids do lots of video/project editing if this has anything to do with that.

6. If I get the Microsoft office do I buy it separately? If so where?

You can buy Office separately at I usually don’t buy it from Apple. One less complication to deal with in the long run.
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