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Which Ghose backup protocol to use in Windows 10

Many thanks Scotty, your responses are helpful.  But I need one clarification, as the link to the ghost protocol was too general.
My specific question is:
-          Having cloned my hard-drive using the EaseUS ghost software, in a subsequent, [differential] back-up process (monthly ish), how do I effect?  Choices appear to be:
o   File back-up
o   Smart back-up?  this gives the option of checking any of the following, which seems to make most sense, but not clear if this is differential back-up
§  Library                                  this is not checked
§  My documents                 this is checked
§  Favorites                             this is checked
§  Desktop                               this is checked
§  “Computer”                       this has a box that is filled in vs checked, and the sub folder shows OS (C)
I have reviewed the link you sent me and another hour trying to figure this out.  Your help appreciated

Smart Backup is, in my opinion, the best option. It allows Ghost to check for added data and include that into previous backup images. That is the selection I would chose in your case. This is an “incremental backup”. In other words, it only adds changes or additions of files to the original full backup. A differential backup (not my preferred choice) copies all changed or additional files since the first day each time there is a backup.

Here’s Easeus knowledge base article on Smart Backups:
EaseUS Todo Backup - Smart Backup

For additional info and comparisons between different backup methods within Ghost check out this video and article as well:
Difference Among Full, Incremental and Differential Backup

In short, chose smart backup.

Disclaimer: I am an Apple Consultant and not a Windows specialist. For the best advice, you’ll want to seek the knowledge of a Microsoft certified consultant.
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