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iPad won't hold a charge.

Long time/no talk - hope you are well.

I am having an issue with my 12 inch iPad Pro whereby the battery drains even when plugged into my apple 29v USB C charger. In fact, sometimes it drains while sitting on the charger overnight. Apple replaced the iPad, which new iPad I restored from a cloud backup. The new ipad immediately had the same issue, so it’s not hardware/battery.

A hard reset (hold power and home buttons til it reboots) fixes the problem temporarily, but I have to do it several times a day. Am pretty sure it’s a software/malware/corruption problem, but my iPad is becoming unreliable because of it, and the Genius Bar could not help. I’ve done some online research, and tried the simple things they suggested, to no avail.

Is this something you could work on? Please advise.

Well this is an interesting one. It sounds like you did a good job so far of troubleshooting however I do feel like something is amiss. Malware cannot live on an Apple iOS device. The only way ANY software is allowed to be installed is if it goes through the App Store. In other words, Apple has to approve every app before it lands on your device and they can be relentless. (I know this from personal experience). They have extremely restrictive rules in regard to apps. Even over a word that should be capitalized, they will deny your app.

This being said, I would rule out malware. Now, replacing the iPad should have ruled out the problem but in your case, since the problem continued after your restored, let's explore that. When you restore your iPad from a backup, you're actually not restoring the actual apps from before. You are restoring the FACT that you had them installed in the past. This means that you will get the latest version of the app, not the version you had previously. This makes sense if you think about it. Apple doesn't need to store 50 million copies of the weather app for each backup. They can instead store the fact that you had it on your device, then just send the most up to date version back down during the restore process. This is important because it means that the previous potentially corrupt version of an app or OS that you had would no longer exist on the new device.

That leaves me with the last step to troubleshoot. Wipe the device but this time don't restore. Sure, log back into your iCloud account to regain your contacts, calendars, notes, pics, etc… but don't restore completely. Instead, download only the necessary apps. (Maybe just a couple) Test the device that way. If the battery behaves (as I think it would) then slowly add other apps one by one, testing in between, until you find the possible problem app.

That's the best way to solve the issue. When you stated that you replaced the iPad but the problem carried on through, that would logically place the blame on your specific iPad software combination/settings. That would be extremely rare. I've never seen it. I never rule anything out but it doesn't make a lot of sense. So give the other method a try first. It's a long process but would definitely give definitive evidence as to where to place blame.
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