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iPhone 5 is around the corner.

I enjoyed reading your news letter, but still have no idea if the new lion is good or not .Also not sure about the new phone. Bob needs a new phone and he asked me today which I would recommend . As you know he has no Apple products, so would you tell the Drouid?

The jury is out on Lion for now. We won’t really know what it feels like until it’s released later this year.

The Droid is a great platform. The only problem is that the Droid experience varies from phone to phone. Different makers chose to include other things that sometimes get in the way. I prefer the iPhone as you know. But if he needs a new phone now, the iPhone is due for an update but it could be a few more months before we see it.

I did not understand, which way are you going towards the apple or the droid  I know I am not spelling the word right, but it is the other one that you talked about with verizon.

I can be more clear. I would prefer that everyone use the iPhone but remember I am biased because my livelihood is dependent on Apple’s success. With that in mind, I do recognize that the iPhone is not for everyone and out of all the phones out there, the Droid is the next best choice for most. I think however that the number one factor for you and your family to consider is what carrier you are with. We know how horrible your ATT coverage is inside your own home so you should definitely consider switching to Verizon’s iPhone. And if your husband would be open to the iPhone then he could move to the Verizon iPhone as well. That way you’re on the same carrier.
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