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How do I transfer non purchased music from my iPod?

The latest upgrade of MobileMe Calendar does a real number on your outlook calendar if you are running Outlook 2007 on a PC.  The new upgrade basically hijacks anything that was in the Outlook Calendar folder and moves it over to the MobileMe folder.  Any original entries on your Outlook 2007 Calendar that were entered prior to implementing MobileMe are now completely wiped out the Outlook calendar.  All new events must now be entered in the MM calendar folder in outlook to work with the synchronization process of MobileMe – it doesn’t sync any other calendar folder but the MobileMe folder.  It appears now that PC Outlook users are permanently wedded to using MobileMe unless before they voluntarily end that service, they recreate (God forbid re-enter) the MobileMe calendar events into another Outlook calendar folder.  Clever marketing ploy by Big Brother Apple but it sucks to be pushed into that Calendar Corner.  Scotty is this assessment too harsh or inaccurate?

It is common for mobileme to have problems with Outlook. Currently mobileme only support 32 bit Outlook. (as of March 21, 2011) I have to say that the large majority of my clients do not use Outlook on either Windows or Mac. That being said, I have not experienced the exact problem described above but from what I know of the relationship between Outlook and mobileme, as I said before, it doesn’t surprise me.
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