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iTunes error 13008

Hi Scotty,
Is there a way to block the internet connection to one of our computers on the network without deleting Safari?



There are a few methods to consider.

1. Enable parental controls within Leopard and higher. You can disable internet access via any web browser, or disable the applications themselves.
2. You could block that computer's access to the internet via the router's settings. A little more difficult to setup but effective as well.

I would try the parental controls first. You can also use the parental controls to limit access to web pages as well. I'm assuming in your case it's not a child but rather an employee. You can still use parental controls the same way. The employee can not be an admin of the computer. You can also manage the settings remotely from another computer. Including in these controls is the ability to view their browsing history.

Hope this helps.
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