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How to I get my playlists onto my phone?

Hey Scotty. Is there a way to migrate itunes playlists to apple music? I've sync'd my iphone and iwatch multiple times but I can't access my itunes playlists from apple music app

Yes but it will require using a computer. Two different ways of accomplishing this.

1. Log into Apple Music in iTunes on your computer that hosts the original playlists and music. This will allow those items to sync to the cloud then down sync to your phone and become available. Apple now includes playlist syncing of your original library as part of Apple Music. You just have to turn on the button labeled "iCloud Music Library". It used to be a stand alone service called "iTunes Match". It's very handy for people who have larger music libraries than phone space. The music sits in the cloud and streams to your phone.

2. Another way is to do it the old school way by physically connecting your phone to iTunes (now called Music in Catalina 10.15). However, this method requires you to not use Apple Music I believe. I may be wrong about that but if you weren't subscribed to Apple Music and wanted your playlists over, this would be the way to go.
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