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My music is only on my iPhone.

My old library with all music is still on my phone and iPad. Is there a way to get it restored to the computer? I hate to do a backup that might erase it all. Or do you still have the back up of my old iTunes file?

In regard to your iTunes issue, a couple ways to resolve. I do not keep people’s data after returning their machines so I don’t have a copy of your music library. So here are a few ideas:

You can use a time machine backup to pull over the entire iTunes folder from a previous date and replace the current iTunes folder on your local hard drive. All that iTunes needs including playlist files, music, movies, and tv shows is included in that folder so restoring an older copy would work.

If you feel that music you are trying to get onto your computer only exists on your iPad/iPhone, there are programs that allow you to remove copies of the music from an iOS device. Apple doesn’t support this directly as it goes against copyright law they have to live within. Before taking this step however, I would persue moving a copy of the iTunes folder from a previous time machine backup. Send me your thoughts and I’ll give additional feedback.

There are additional things to consider including whether you want to merge current songs with previous ones only in a past iTunes library, which version of playlists you might want to preserve etc...
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