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The new Address Book in Lion is terrible.


My outlook account that was set up the other day is not receiving or
sending mail.   I am getting a connection to the server has failed
error message - code 17895.  Other mail is working fine.

Can you please research and fix.

Is this happening in multiple locations?  In other words at the office and at home?  After quitting and restarting Outlook in both locations?  It sounds like the server is responding with an error.  Your settings were identical to John's so I don't know what would be happening in your settings.  

This error denotes that the problem is coming from the ISP.

You might try going into Tools in the menu bar then accounts.  Select the email account and choose to edit.  uncheck the ssl connect checkbox.  Try to get mail.  If that does not work, we may have to change the port numbers.
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