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Will my machine run Lion?

I see where you suggested that we go ahead to Lion.  When I read your report on it a month ago seemed to me it was a no go.  You seemed more negative than positive.  But now you are saying ahead?

Overall Lion is a go. No software is ever a go in version .0. And that is always my first effort. Don’t adopt version .0 of anything. Lion has gone through 2 updates since being released and is now mature enough for most users to move to. What I do not like about it is the look of the calendar and especially the address book. Mail seems to still not be what it could. I stand by my statement that Apple changed the design of these programs for the sake of change and not because it was an improvement. They made it so iPad users would feel more comfortable on the Mac I suppose. The above mentioned programs have been altered to look exactly like the iPad versions. Where the failure occurs is the idea that an application designed for a touch based 10 inch screen is the best answer for a 27” iMac. The two platforms are completely different experiences and both have limitations and advantages. Take for instance, the address book design. In the old address book you could see 3 panes of information. Group lists, names of contacts, and contact information. In the new iPad designed address book running on the Mac under Lion, you can only see 2 at one time which leads you to “turning the page” constantly. They changed the layout when they didn’t need to. In the calendar, you now have to manually choose to view your calendar list. Design over functionality. It’s prettier but not better in my opinion.

Now that I’m off my rant, to answer your question: no matter what, you can’t stay in an old operating system for too long. Sooner or later, the internet is going to demand that you upgrade. iCloud is such an example. If you want this new fruit being dangled in front of you then you’re going to have to move to Lion. It’s not horrible, just unnecessary change. Overall, the benefit of iCloud’s new features make up for Lion’s misgivings.
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