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Where did our pre iPhone pictures go?

I wanted to reach out and ask you a question about iPhotos. Originally everything was loaded under husband's Apple ID. Since we separated out my ID and daughter's, I’ve noticed none of the photos are loading on our desktop or laptop. Husband has them on his phone, but they aren’t appearing anywhere else.

I know we have to go in and share photos now that everything is separate so whatever I take on my phone will stay under my ID, while backing up to iCloud.

How do we recover the old photos that we had downloaded from cameras (not Apple devices) for years ago and any Apple photos back to the computers?


Apart from the sharing feature, you're asking about pictures that had been manually added to someone's Photos library in the past via a digital camera (not iPhone). Those pictures should still be associated to which ever Apple ID was using iCloud when they were originally added. Assuming you added them via a computer into Photos, that would be the computer that would be associated to the Apple ID. However, it may be that he was originally logged in on your computer when those pictures were added to the library. Regardless, if they ever made it into the Photos library, they would not have been removed under any circumstances even if you logged out of one Apple ID and into another.

1. Can you log in at under his old Apple ID and see the pictures in question there? When you do log in at his phone will be sent a 6 digit code that you'll need to complete the login but once there, can you see the old pictures? If so, then they would also be visible on his phone as well. If this is the case, then sharing is the obvious next step and apple has a new method of sharing between spouses/families that's working pretty well so far.

2. If you don't see them there, were they actually ever inside the Photos (iPhoto) application on a computer at any time in the past? If so, there's a chance they're still in an old abandoned library. If that's the case, then they can be recovered as well.
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