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Scotty- my biz partner has HP/micosoft and a contractor has same. We have big presentation next week and plan to take my mac as back up. The PPT presentations format is not coming thru  correctly to my PC- anything we can do so formatting is same? Getting to where we are concerned to send anything to clients (mainly corporate Micosoft) from my Mac as we don't know if they will get the attachments in format sent...

A few things to consider:

1. You should be using the latest version of Office for Mac. Office 2011.
2. You may want to try sending attachments as standard .doc .xls or .ppt instead of the xml format that Office wants you to use like .docx .xlsx and so on. The recipient may not have a newer vesion of Office and may not be able to open docs created in a newer version.
3. Try sending the powerpoint file to a known good windows machine in your office or family to see if others are having trouble with the same file. This will tell you if it’s the file or the computer.
4. Unfortunately PowerPoint on the Mac and PowerPoint in Windows are NOT exactly alike. For the most part yes, but there are some very small things that may not port over exactly the same. So avoid really fancy transitions. That’s the first thing to break down. I’ve also had many clients complain about the lack of embedded audio support between versions.
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