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Would computer should my mother in law get?

My mother in law is in the market. What do you reccomend ... Mac air or Mac Pro? What size processor?
Any suggestions would be great. I will probably have her to contact you to help her get all set up.

Well there are many factors that go into that decision.  The price of course but also the size of the hard drive.  Generally the macbook airs have smaller drives, are slower historically, but are lighter. Basically you’re paying for convenience vs. power.  However, the macbook pros are now so much smaller it’s hard to argue against them.  The MacBook Air is a great computer for someone who has another iMac already as their main computer to store pictures, music etc…  But I wouldn’t suggest an Air as your main computer.  As far as the processor speed goes, I would probably suggest the slowest (cheapest) model. Most of us don’t need the speed that a higher processor provides. It just makes us feel better about our purchase. But for email, web, word processing, you’ll never know the difference.
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