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Do I need more dropbox space?

Ive been getting a message for quite awhile now that my drop box is full and i need to pay to upgrade. It says its "stopped syncing".

Scotty didn't we set my system up so that drop box is a factor to how I work and save information? Do I need this upgrade?

Most likely you have legitimately run out of dropbox space. It's common for people who use dropbox regularly to outgrow their 2 gigs FREE plan and have to pay for more cloud storage. To check for yourself, go to the top of the menu bar and click on the dropbox icon in the top right of your screen. Then choose the gear to the right.
Screen Shot 2018-08-17 at 7.53.05 PM

Clicking that gear will give you the percentage of what you are using of your plan. To upgrade your storage, go to and login then upgrade your plan from there.

Other things to consider: Dropbox does a sneaky thing where they will copy your pictures from Photos into your dropbox folder therefore taking up more cloud space. This is not nessasary. To ensure you are not duplicating pictures into dropbox, select the gear. Go to preferences, Import. Uncheck "enable camera uploads". Then return to your dropbox folder in the finder and remove the folder called "camera uploads". That sometimes eats away space we could otherwise be using for other documents.

You could also choose to use "selective sync". This is not the best choice for most users but it is available as an option. It tells the computer to only sync certain folders within the dropbox area. However, I think the best way to solve the issue is to simply buy more space.

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