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My new computer doesn't have a CD drive! Help!

How do I get Microsoft office on my new computer? There is no place to insert a disc!

A couple of ways to go about this.  The official way to do this is to use “disc sharing” from another mac in your home.  Go to the older Mac’s system preferences/sharing/ and turn on DVD and CD sharing.  Insert the Microsoft Office install disc into the older mac.  

Now, on the new mac (with no DVD drive) open a finder window and look for “remote disc” in the left hand column.  Click it and then return to the old computer and select to allow the requesting mac to have access to the drive.  Now the Microsoft Office install disc (currently inserted in the old computer) will show up on your new computer as if it were inside its own DVD drive.  Now install normally.  

The other way to install Microsoft Office is to just wait for me.  

I ran into a few setbacks trying to recover your data.  Your drive kept unmounting during the process.  Not cooperating.  So I’ve had a little talk with it and I’m back on track with the data recovery.  Hopefully good news for you tomorrow.  Sorry for the delay.  
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