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I know that you have told me in the past, but just wanted to check again. While using Logic Express, how much can I EQ the sound coming in? I can do a lot of mixing on the DM2000 mixing board, but the input to the computer does not sound the same. If there is better EQ capabilities using Logic Pro, I'm open to that. I want the ability to save EQs for each speaker, so that it is filtered, set or applied to the recording as it is being recorded.

I want to make the transition from Live and Final Cut Express, to Logic exclusively. I just need to have all of my info lined up, and be ready for the transition.

The EQ in Logic express and Pro are very similar. There is a seperate EQ for each track you are recording on. So if you have a mixing board and several mics in a room all recording at once then each mic can have its own EQ. You can also group tracks together to share the same EQ as well. The monitoring of each track will reflect the EQ at the time of listening as well of course.
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