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Do you replace batteries and screens?

Do you repair/swap out batteries for laptops? Specifically we have a MacBook Air Retina 13 in. 2019 that no longer charges, or i have not figured out how to charge.

Also we are in need of help repairing a iPad Air 4th generation. The screen is shattered. do you have suggestions for who would repair that. UBreak-UFix doesn’t appear to do that model for some reason.

Sorry to say I don’t do hardware repairs any longer. Batteries can often be the first thing to go on a computer as every rechargeable battery in the world has a limited number of times it can be charged and discharged. I place that number at around 450 charge cycles. After a battery has been fully depleted and recharged many times it will eventually hold less and less charge then eventually not be able to charge at all. To find the number of times your battery has cycled, you can go under the Black Apple and select “about this Mac” then under “Overview” select System Report. There’s you’ll see Power in the left column and you’ll be able to find the “cycle count”. It’s just so satisfy one’s curiosity more than anything but an interesting number to know.

Due to where some third party repair services get their replacement parts like batteries and screens, I prefer not to use the small store repair places. I would use the Apple store. While the repairs may be more expensive, you know you are getting good quality parts and an easy warranty to deal with.
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