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Last Thursday at my appointment you helped me with getting my TM Backup running again. As of today, it has not backed up since you were here. When I click on the icon in the menu bar I see the last backup as 2/20/14 and it says "back--up delayed". The message is "Time Machine couldn't complete the backup to TM Backup...the backup disk could not be found......Make sure the backup disk is connected or select a different one..."  
Also, the TM icon you placed on my desktop has disappeared.

Sorry to bother you but when you have a chance, please let me know how to fix it. I feel like it should be fairly simple.


Time Machine can be a little troublesome at times. First, it’s important to make a distinction between time machine and time capsule. Time machine is the backup software that lives on your computer. Time capsule is a wireless router that Apple sells that also includes a hard drive that allows computers to backup wirelessly. I’ve made it well known that I do not like time capsule.

However, if you are simply talking about time machine as it relates to an external drive connected to your computer, then the most likely cause of your message is that the external drive you are using for backup has become unmounted. I would suggest unplugging the drive and reconnecting it. If the drive is healthy, it should reconnect and the backup will progress normally. This is something that I can usually address easily during my free Town Hall help sessions on Mondays. So join us Monday evening and I should be able to help your time machine reconnect. If it’s a time capsule we are dealing with...well, I don’t have much good to say about time capsule.
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