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I recommend the Orbi's.

Good morning. You set up our Apple airport years ago with WiFi extenders. Time Warner Cable wants to replace our modem and wants us to get a new router that our current set up will not handle faster speeds. It is super slow. Do you have a recommendation? I am worried about replacing and messing everything up since we are HEAVILY depending on WiFi right now- like everyone else. Is this something you can help us with or do you have a recommendation? I know you primarily deal only with Apple products. Thx so much.

Yes, the Apple airports are basically obsolete at this point. Specifically the expresses. The towers are still fine but regardless, you'll be looking to upgrade your wifi network soon. I recommend looking at the Orbi system by Netgear. There are several different models depending on square footage but in general, I've had very good success with the Orbi's.

I am not currently entering homes due to the COVID situation and only working remotely. Wifi networks cannot be setup remotely so that would only be onsite for me. I'm watching every day to see when NC moves to phase 3 at which time I will be considering starting on-location sessions once again.

One of the common mistakes that people make when replacing networks is that they leave pieces of the old system and that can confuse things. Another mistake to watch out for is what you name the new network. I prefer to use a new name. The password can stay the same but changing the network name eliminates the potential for other mistakes like conflicting names. (SSIDs)

Bottom line:

Orbi by Netgear=best
Velop by Linksys is also good.
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