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Why is powerpoint starting up at login?

I find that PowerPoint is frequently starting when I boot up. Where do I go to find the startup schedule?

Go to system preferences then select the Users and Groups pane. Now select Login items. There you will see a list of all the items that are set to open at login. Select the item you wish to remove then hit the minus key in the bottom left corner.

Scotty, I got to the “Login Items” with no problem BUT the only thing set to “…open automatically when…” I log in is “My Drive Connect” which is a TomTom app. Any other ideas?

Speaking specifically about Power Point, applications will open if either 

a: they are in the “open at login” list
b:  were open when the computer was shut down.  Open means not just windows closed but the application actually running and hasn’t been quit yet.  To determine if an application is open, look at its icon in the dock and see if there is a small white dot underneath.  If you see the white dot, that means the application is still running even if there are no windows associated to the application open at the time.
c:  it has items in the library folders: startup items, launch daemons, launch agents.  But these are rare and probably not associated to your issue concerning powerpoint.  
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