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Troubleshooting printers on your Mac

Hi Scotty, I’ve been having trouble with my printer and computer connecting. It says “looking for printer” when I open the printer page on my computer. Any tips?

Steps to printer troubleshooting:

1. Make sure you are on the correct network. Sometimes people have more than one network in their home. Your computer/device needs to be on the same network the printer is on.

2. Delete the printer from system preferences and re-add it. If it doesn't show up when you try to re add the printer, it's most likely the printer's fault. Time to head over to the printer.

3. In the printer's settings, there's usually a "Reset Network settings" or similar. You can use that function to clear the printer's memory before you rejoin the network.

4. Tell the printer to rejoin the network. You'll use something like "Printer Setup Wizard". There's usually the word "wizard" in the title. That will go out and find the network again and allow you to re add it.

5. After you've re-added the printer to the network, go back to system preferences and try to add it again.

That usually solves most printer/computer relationship problems. When adding a printer you can choose "AirPrint" as your driver. I prefer to use that. Other choices include the manufacturer's driver or Secure AirPrint. I suggest just using "AirPrint" if available. Lastly, you can sometimes solve printer problems by reseting print system defaults. You do this by right clicking in the printer column in printer system preferences. This deletes all printers from the computer's memory. However, this is not normally the solution. Most of the time, it's a network issue between the printer and computer. Networking is usually at fault.
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