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Hey Scotty, we haven't needed you in awhile but need to get you over here soon for a couple of things-will make an appt.

My daughter needs an iPad for school work, basically needs it for internet, word, and writing papers.
we were thinking that we could get a generation or 2 old and maybe a refurbished one?
she would like the larger one, not the mini.

Do you have suggestions where we should purchase that and/or do you have one for sale?

any help that you can give us would be wonderful, after I buy it, that would be the perfect time to get you over here to help with set up of that also.

I don’t sale devices. There are a few places to consider. The newest iPads are usually available refurbished directly from at a slightly lower cost. Usually around $50 cheaper. But the overall price of these devices is still fairly high. Ebay is probably your best way to go. Be sure to check the seller’s rating before buying. And beware of added values to increase the price such as “free case with purchase” or “comes with the following software…”. When you buy an iOS device it should come to you completely restored with no apps installed. Another place to consider is Craigslist. This is more cut and dry and requires you to go pick up the device from someone’s house but overall you can find very good deals on Craigslist if you can get over the fear of dealing with a stranger in person.

Lastly, to get a good feel for the actual value of these older devices, go over to and check out what other companies buy these devices for. That will give you a ball park figure for the device you have in mind. Hope this helps.
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