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Lost Printer settings

This is a screen shot of the printer settings that are lost on my new computer. The picture is from the old computer. Can you restore these using Time Machine?


Yes but it’s a little tricky. The file responsible for your previous printer presets is normally located here:


That’s your home folder’s hidden library. Time machine does have a copy of this file and if you were to go into time machine and grab it, move it to the correct location, those presets would come back (replacing any current ones). Problem is: that folder is invisible so you’d have to use a command to show all files on your external drive in order to get to it within time machine. Not difficult if you’ve done it several times. Revealing invisibles requires using the command line.
So yes, it should be possible. However it takes a few steps that a normal user would have difficulty executing.

Honestly it would be easier to just recreate the presets.
This image is a theme.plist hack