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iPad screenshare

Hi Scotty,

I am trying to get started on teletherapy (speech therapy). It was recommended by a colleague to use Lonely Screen so i can use my iPad apps during my teletherapy. Unfortunately, is not compatible with my Mac OS Catalina version (something about 32 bits vs 64 bit). Now trying to get the lonely screen company to refund my $ (LOL)

Do you know of a compatible app that i can use?

There are many ways to get your iPad display to show as part of your web meeting. The easiest would be to just use Zoom. If your iPad or iPhone is connected with a cable, it will be selectable within Zoom. Zoom is free for one to one users but for 3 people or more, you have to use a paid plan.

Another way to screen share your iPad is to use
Reflector from a company called Squirrels. They've been making Mac software a long time and are reputable.

The benefit that Reflector has over Zooms is that by using Reflector, you can show both your desktop and your iPad screen simultainiously.
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