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Remote login from iPad. Yes

Hey Scotty,

Quick question. I am running Mac OS version 10.6.8 and want to upgrade to the new Lion for what appears to be only $29.99.

What are you hearing about it? Any ideas if it is buggy at for a new OS?

Do you think it would be a good move?

Would def love to upgrade the OS and see some new features or newer look and feel that possibly operates faster.


I'll be sending out my thoughts on Lion later this week.  Just wait for now and let the first update come out.  I've been using it for a few weeks and it's stable but it's never a good idea to jump on version 1.0 of any software.  Especially an entire operating system.  it takes some getting used to.  The largest changes come to iCal, Mail, and the finder itself.  All trackpad motion is reversed to become more like the iPad.  Takes a while to adjust.  It's a no brainer at only $29 but you have to have 10.6.3 or higher to download it from the app store.  Apple will release a USB version of the OS later next month but I would say to be safe, wait a few weeks.  It also kills all rosetta based software like Office 2004 and Quicken 2007 and earlier.  
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