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Hey- I'm trying to figure this out. My daughter is telling me that her iCloud account was disabled when they setup her new phone. Should I go to the apple store or get you back over here?

You should be able to regain access to that iCloud account before you take steps to create a new one. I think your child’s iCloud account was based on an email address but that really doesn’t matter.

First try going to and see if you can reset the password. First you’ll be asked for a birthdate. If I assisted you to set this up I most likely encouraged you (the parent) to use your own because your own child’s age doesn’t isn’t eligible. If you get the birthday right, next you’ll be asked a couple of security questions you’ve answered in the past. At that point you should have access to change the password to the original iCloud account.

If the account still shows as disabled and doesn’t allow you access, your next hope to regain control of that iCloud ID is to talk with apple support.

If you still can’t get back in to the account then it may be time to create another one. The Apple Store should be able to assist or of course I would be happy to as well. But as you know, one is free and one is not!
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