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AppleTV update failed

The printer will not scan using image capture while being hooked up to the apple router. I have to plug it directly into the back of the computer and it works just fine. Ironically, the printer will not print unless plugged into the apple router. Will not print at all while plugged into the back of the computer. I have been changing it back and forth to do each task.

Sounds like there was an issue with the AppleTV update. Try restarting your AppleTV by going to Settings/General/Restart. If that doesn’t resolve the problem you may try resetting the device entirely. Settings/General/Restart. You will have to log back into iTunes, netflix etc.. but your Apple TV should show back up on the network afterwards. Your AppleTV would also have reverted to it’s default name on the network “AppleTV”. So you can always go back and rename it in the settings.

If neither of these work then you can reset the AppleTV by holding down menu and the down button on the remote for 6 seconds. The AppleTV’s indicator light will blink. Unplug the device then plug it back it. Do this only if it’s acting very stubborn.

It’s common to see older printers (and some new ones) get confused about what node of a multiple node (repeaters) wireless network to join. Playstations and Xboxs will also do this. You could:

A: unplug all the airport expresses in the house then run the wireless setup wizard once again on the printer and it will only have one device to join. Then plug all the repeaters in the house back in.

B: Leaving the device plugged in to the Apple Router, delete the printer then re-add it. It’s possible the printer is added in a different way and image capture is not looking for it via wifi. Delete the printer in system prefs and re-add it and try image capture again. Avoid using the HP Scan or other proprietary scan software. Stick with image capture. The problem is not image capture. It’s the way the printer is added to in printer preferences I’m betting.

I’d go with trying B first. Anytime you are troubleshooting printer problems, the first thing you always do is delete the printer and re-add it.
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