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Screentime and iOS and MacOS

I am interested in 2 things:
  1. Limited kids on iphones and computers (setting night time limits) while they are home this summer that they cannot get around with phone hot spots and
  2. Putting limit on son’s phone and computer to turn off at night when he leaves for boarding school again in the fall.
Are you able to help with this. Is there anything commercially available on the market? The att app is terrible. Disney circle can be worked around using hot spots. Thanks

Yes. There's a very good answer for iPhones and iPads called screen time. It will do what you're looking for. It's very good and cannot be worked around unless your child discovers the password that you set for it. (4 digits). As for the computer, good news: screen time is coming in the all with the next version of the operating system called "Catalina". Bad news: it's not out yet. It releases in the fall. Good news: you can get a copy of it as a public beta available now from Apple. Bad news: it's a beta and not entirely stable. Good news: I've been testing it for the last 3 weeks and had no problems with it.

Screentime will allow you to place limits on your child's device like access to the internet, timed use of the device, and timed use of specific apps. It also adds the time across all devices so they can't cheat the system. If you give them 1 hour on instagram a day, that means 1 hour cumulatively across all devices. Not 1 hour per device. This works very well. You can then see how your child has been using their device over each day or over the course of a week. You can see what apps they spend the most time on then regulate as you wish. Screentime is already available on the latest version of iOS on iPad and iPhone. And as I said, coming to MacOS in the fall. I'm happy to assist setting it all up if you'd like.

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